Curraugh Header in white and blue celtic letters on leather background
Al, Dave and Tom in concert

"Curraugh" (pronounced Cur Raw), is the name of an ancient Irish leather boat and even though the band "Curraugh" isn't quite ancient yet, they do play Irish music and have been known to wear leather jackets and vests on occasions.

"Curraugh" plays a mix of English, Irish, Scottish and Canadian Maritime music guaranteed to have you singing along and dancing in the aisles.

Curraugh live at a coffeehouse in Winnipeg, 2001
"Curraugh"is made up of three diverse and talented performers:
Dave Clement
Dave, Al and Tom singing out in concert
(a native of Port Dover Ontario):
Vocals, Guitar and Bodhran.
Al Thomson

(a native of Newcastle England):
Vocals, Whistles, Nothumbrian Small Pipes
and Guitar.

Tom Jeffers
( a native of Thunderbay Ontario):
Vocals, DadGad Guitar, Cittern, Mandolin and Bass Guitar. Tom has since moved to Toronto and only rarely plays with the group.
Dave Clement, Al Thomson and Tom Jeffers
live at the Bhigg House in Winnipeg, November 2000
Al shows a cute chick how to play his pipes...

The Band "Curraugh" makes its home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and performs throughout the Province at Festivals, House Concerts, Coffee Houses and Weddings.

Debbie Ohi and Al Thomson play a duet on his Northumbrian Smallpipes

Here are a few samples of our music from the "Curraugh Live" Demo CD:

Real Audio
MP3: Tow Rope Girls Real Audio: Tow Rope Girls
Curraugh CD Cover
Tow Rope Girls
MP3: Haul and Tow Real Audio: Haul and Tow
Haul and Tow
MP3: We May and Might Never Real Audio: We May and Might Never
We May and Might Never
MP3: Bonnie Ship the Diamond Real Audio: Bonnie Ship the Diamond
Bonnie Ship the Diamond
MP3: Peggy Gordon Real Audio: Peggy Gordon
Peggy Gordon
So take a listen and "Sing along Dammit"
Cover of the Curraugh Live Demo CD
Please contact Dave AT Dandelionwine DOT ca
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