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AKF Studios was a Recording Studio located in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada,
specializing in Folk, Filk and Celtic music.

Tom Jeffers and Dave Clement own and operate the studio and provide Production, Engineering and Studio Musician Services to mainly local talent wanting to get that first CD or Demo out.

Tom has moved to Toronto, and has renamed his recording studio Stone Dragons Studio. He can be reached at Tom AT DandelionWine DOT ca.


Tarry Trousers CD Cover

To date we have produced:

Full CD for local Celtic Rockers "Tarry Trousers",
Demo for nostalgia Winnipeg group "Back in Time",
Demo for Minneapolis pianist Nancy Klock,
Demo for St.Paul singer/songwriter Peggy O'Neill,
Live CD for "Dandelion Wine"
Live CD for"Curraugh".

We have also done some long distance recording projects in partnership with Bill Roper of Dodeka Records in Chicago.
Our first such project was Bill Sutton's "Passing Through" CD and the second was the Gordon R. Dickson Tribute CD, "Shai Dorsai".

We are currently working on a new "Dandelion Wine"
CD slated for release in the summer of 2002,
and a Marty Burke collaborative project with Bill Roper and Dodeka Records.

We have also done some session work on
Urban Tapestry's "Myths and Urban Legends"
and Mary Ellen Wessels "Current Obsessions"
and a whole bunch of our friends' CDs!

Tarry Trousers:
"By the Seat of Our Pants"
We recorded the full CD in 2000 and 2001
Back In Time CD Cover
Back In Time:
Demo CD
Recorded in 2000

For more information, contact us
at Dave AT Dandelionwine DOT ca
or Tom AT Dandelionwine DOT ca

Passing Through CD Cover Shai Dorsia CD Cover Circles in the Grain CD Cover Live Weeds CD Cover
"Live Weeds"
Working Cover for
New CD Samples
"Passing Through"
Bill Sutton
"Shai Dorsai"
Gordon R. Dickson
Tribute album
"Circles in the Grain"
Dandelion Wine
Curraugh Live CD Cover
MEW's CD COver Urban Tapestry CD Cover
"Curraugh Live"
Demo CD
"Current Obsessions"
Mary Ellen Wessels
"Myths and Urban Legends"
Urban Tapestry
MEW's CD COver Urban Tapestry CD Cover Andrea Dale's Zen Cappuccino
"Zen Cappuccino"
Andrea Dale
"The Face on Mars"
Dandelion Wine
"Hello Stranger"
Erica Neely
MEW's CD COver    
"Rain on the Sand"
Phillip Mills
What does AKF stand for? Read the story from Tom and Dave
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