Decadent Dave Clement

Photo: Dave


Dave has a voice like melted chocolate, and he's played guitar and sung for so long that he's forgotten more songs than most of us have ever heard. He tells us that he didn't always sound like this, but we're not sure we believe him. We figure that when he was born, he came out singing!

Dave was born in Port Dover Ontario, the town celebrated by Stan Rogers' song "Tiny Fish For Japan". Perhaps that is why Dave started singing Stan's songs, and why he has taken Stan's music everywhere he goes. In addition to including at least one song on each of his tapes or CD's, Dave has done countless Stan Rogers concerts, usually as a donation to one of his favourite charities.

Dave is a champion of local folk and filk music. He holds an annual mini-convention of Baggiecon within the Winnipeg Folk Festival. He has introduced the music of many artists, like Sam Baardman and David Francey, to friends around the world. Dave also hosts House Concerts in his home in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Artists who have performed there include Heather Dale, Nathan Rogers, James Gordon, and Sam Baardman.

He loves folk, filk, celtic, and old-time country music and he plays guitar, bohdran, cittern and penny whistle. He's a  founding member of Dandelion Wine, although the group was originally named Prairie Wind.

Dave was inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame in 1999, and Dandelion Wine won a Best Performer Pegasus award in 2003. He's also won the trust, respect and love of people all over the world.